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A historic television and expansion plans for Waste King

1950 TVCustomers of the specialist collections, clearance and recycling company, Waste King, are producing increasingly interesting and unusual items for it to recycle.

Having being given one customer’s pet Giant African Land Snail – now named ‘Colin’ and making a real ‘hit’ with Waste King staff as well as with children at a local school which it visits, for ‘observation’ – a while ago, Waste King staff have now been given a real collector’s item: a television set from the very early 1950s.
Dating from around 1950 or 1951 and, thus, pre-dating the ‘TV boom’ caused by the Queen’s Coronation in 1953, the television is taxing Waste King’s ingenuity at recycling the things it collects.

Waste King’s managing director, Glenn Currie, commented: “We relish this sort of challenge: finding an environmentally-friendly way to dispose of or, preferably, completely recycle unusual items.

“Obviously, this television has an appeal as a collector’s item but, if a collector or a local museum doesn’t come forward to express an interest in it, we’ll be taking it apart to recycle as many of its components as we can.”

Waste King guarantees to recycle at least 75 per cent of everything it collects – although, thanks to implementing an improved system it instigated a few months ago, that rate is closer to 90 per cent of everything that is brought to its warehouse in Hemel Hempstead.

1950 TV Watching“We’re keen to be able to improve on that record and so keep more items away from landfill sites - and help our environment to become ‘greener’,” Currie continued.

“However, that target – which we’ve set ourselves – could get even more challenging over the next few months as we enlarge not only our labour force but also our fleet of vehicles.”

Waste King is adding three vehicles to its fleet – two of them immediately. This will mean that the company is better able to cope with the current increase in demand for its environmentally-friendly waste collection and recycling services.

“Maybe the more waste we collect, the greater will be the challenge to dispose of it in an environmentally-friendly way,” commented Currie’s fellow director, Andy Cattigan. “Nonetheless, we’ve done pretty well so far in exceeding our recycling targets and I’m sure we’ll be able to continue doing so in the future.”


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skip hire nation wide grab hire man van rubbish clearance sweeper hire portable toilet welfare units aggregates hazardous waste