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How to Think and Act Greener

In recent years, we’ve all become more aware of the need to be ‘green’ – more environmentally, or ‘eco’ friendly – when disposing of our rubbish. As a nation, we’ve made some progress in this but it’s still true that not everyone practices eco-friendly rubbish disposal.

Here are six suggestions on how to be ‘greener’ when disposing of your rubbish:

  • Recycle your rubbish if you possibly can. The opportunities to recycle rubbish are increasing. This includes Councils accepting more waste materials for recycling – often via the regular, domestic, roadside collections. However, reusing things also counts as recycling and stops these items ending up in eco-unfriendly landfill sites – at least, for now.

  • Recycle packaging materials. Many products come with an amount of waste, in the form of packaging. You can recycle this packaging. For example, old biscuit tins could be used to house cleaning materials such as washing powder, or nails - or whatever you think would be appropriate. That allows you to recycle the packaging these materials come in – and reduce the amount of non-eco-friendly packaging that you own.

  • Buy, sell and donate used things. Your local charity shop is not only a treasure chest of things you may find useful, it’s also a haven for your unwanted items – because they can then become someone else’s useful and prized possession.

  • Train yourself out of the ‘disposal’ mindset. Buy things that are made to last and/or can be recycled. Their up-front cost may well be higher but the longer-term costs are lower, so the overall cost of ownership of these things is likely to be lower. Moreover, you’ll be making more eco-friendly purchasing decisions.

  • Make compost from food scraps. All food scraps – along with most garden clippings, paper, cardboard and pet food - can be broken up, added to soil and turned into compost to help your garden grow more and better plants.

  • If you must dispose of materials, use Waste King. Waste King guarantees to recycle over 95 per cent of all the materials it collects – including hazardous waste and waste electrical equipment.

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skip hire nation wide grab hire man van rubbish clearance sweeper hire portable toilet welfare units aggregates hazardous waste