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Rogues and Reputable Rubbish Collectors

Not everyone who’ll remove your rubbish is reputable.

Rogue waste collectors cause environmental problems throughout the UK - often through the illegal act of fly tipping.

When individuals take their rubbish to, say, a Council-run rubbish dump, they’re not charged for leaving their rubbish. However, businesses disposing of rubbish are charged – and these charges can range up to several thousand pounds.

To avoid paying these charges, rogue waste collectors will take your money to dispose of your rubbish and then fly tip it in, for example, a convenient field, ditch or wood.

You may think that this is someone else’s problem – maybe the local Council’s or even the police’s. After all, you paid the rubbish collectors in good faith. You shouldn’t be held responsible for their actions.

However, Councils tend to believe that an individual’s waste – including ensuring it’s disposed of correctly and appropriately - is that person’s responsibility. So, in their view, you need to ensure that you get a reputable company to get rid of your rubbish.

Councils work hard to track down the people who’re responsible for fly tipped rubbish – and if that rubbish came from you, then that includes you, as well as the fly tippers. Indeed, it’s easier for the law to find you than it is for the law to find the fly tippers.

No one is keen to get into trouble with the law so, when you have rubbish to be disposed, make sure you engage a reputable waste collection firm – such as Waste King - to remove it for you.

You can distinguish a rogue rubbish remover from a reputable waste collection company by asking the rubbish removers:

  • If they can prove to you that they have a current waste carrier’s licence? Issued by the Environment Agency, this licence allows them to clear your rubbish legally. If they don’t have a current licence, they’re breaking the law.

  • If they have public liability insurance? All reputable rubbish removal companies have this because it protects their employees, their staff and their customers.

  • Where they intend to take your items? They should give you details of legal waste collection sites.

  • For a written price for the job. Reputable rubbish clearance companies have overheads to pay. These include fuel, labour and tipping fees. If you’re quoted a price that sounds too cheap, then it’s an indication that may the company you’re engaging to work for you intends to fly tip your rubbish rather than pay the cost of disposing of it legally. Get quotations for your job from several businesses. Note any major differences in pricing that there might be between them.

In addition, check out the company’s online presence and reputation. Ensure that the company has positive reviews on social platforms such as Google Plus, Yell and so on. You should also visit the company’s website (all reputable – and many disreputable - companies have these nowadays). The quality of the website, its contents and the customer testimonials it contains should give you an idea how reputable the company is.

If you come across a rogue rubbish collector, the first thing that you should do is report that firm to your local Council. It would also be helpful if you then report your experience in the public domain – via such things as Twitter, blogs, chat rooms, reviews and so on – in order to ensure that other people will know about that firm’s bad reputation. That should reduce the chance of other people being duped by them and then ending up with more trouble than they had expected!

If you’re looking for a legal, professional and eco-friendly rubbish clearance or skip hire alternative, then check out Waste King.

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skip hire nation wide grab hire man van rubbish clearance sweeper hire portable toilet welfare units aggregates hazardous waste