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Organisations’ waste disposal needs

Traditionally, April is the time when the landfill tax is increased. Equally traditionally, waste companies tend to pass on these increases to their customers.

So, if your organisation has a regular requirement for waste disposal, it might make sense for you to agree an annual contract with your preferred waste disposal company in March, in order to defer the increase.

Of course, you’ll want more than just a good price from your preferred waste disposal company. You’ll want a waste management service that meets your organisation’s particular needs. These needs could include disposing of any, or all, of such things as:

  • food waste from a café or staff restaurant

  • paper, plastic and glass recycling

  • fluorescent tube recycling

  • hazardous waste - such as aerosols, batteries, paints and adhesives, contaminated rags and wipes, oils and cleaning chemicals

  • waste electronics and electrical equipment (WEEE)

  • office desks and chairs

  • or, indeed, anything else

Waste King can provide you with special waste collection receptacles, from a wide range of bins of different sizes to boxes for hazardous waste and fluorescent tubes, as well as cages and waste pods. This wide range of waste collection and storage solutions seems to fit most organisations’ requirements.

Then, when any of these receptacles is full, call Waste King. Its operatives will arrive, collect either the waste or the full receptacle, replace it with an empty one (if necessary) and take your waste away. They’ll sort, separate and segregate the waste, if necessary, so that the maximum amount of it can be recycled – and, thus, the minimum amount will go to landfill. This also helps you to avoid paying too much landfill tax.

Where chemicals need to be re-packaged from damaged or unsuitable containers, Waste King provides alternatives approved under EC regulations for safe on-site storage collection. To comply with legislation, all hazardous waste must be correctly identified and classified before it is moved. Waste King provides a full sampling and analysis service to ensure that all the regulations are met.

If Waste King is removing any hazardous waste products from your site, their operatives will give you a hazardous waste consignment note. You can even ask Waste King’s technical specialists to help with listing, packing and labelling hazardous waste so that you can comply with legislation. Its team includes Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors, Chemists and ADR qualified drivers.

In addition, so that you can comply with the requirements of legislation, Waste King will supply you with a waste transfer note for each waste collection – be it per van load, skip or roll-on/ roll-off container – that’s made from your site.

Every client – especially corporate client – has unique waste disposal requirements.

Waste King can help you meet those requirements – whether they include large or small amounts of waste; regular or irregular collections; hazardous, ‘special, or ‘general’ waste.

Waste King will ensure that:

  • Your waste disposal arrangements will comply with all current legislation

  • The maximum amount – typically over 95 per cent – of our waste is recycled and, thus, your organisation is ‘environmentally friendly’ as far as its waste disposal is concerned

  • The minimum amount of your waste goes to landfill, thus helping you save money by reducing your liability to pay landfill tax.

To find out exactly how we can help you, contact us on:

Freephone: 0800 141 2778 or, from a mobile, call 01442 210034.

You can also email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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skip hire nation wide grab hire man van rubbish clearance sweeper hire portable toilet welfare units aggregates hazardous waste