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Junk Clearance Enfield

When you start to notice the general dust, dirt and detritus around your Enfield home, it’s time to do something about it.

It’s time to junk your junk.

There’s only so much you can throw away via the domestic rubbish collection. Getting rid of junk – almost by definition – is a larger job that just putting an extra bulging bin liner in your black bin.

That’s where Waste King can help.

We can take almost any junk you want removing – including things that you can’t, legally, put into a skip. And, since we only charge you for the amount of waste our team collects from your property, this saves you paying for space in a skip that you don’t need and won’t be able to use.

You can, of course, help us to help you by preparing for our ‘junk junking’ visit. It might help if you:

  • Stay calm: Sorting out junk isn’t as difficult, daunting or dangerous an exercise as you might think it is.
  • Set realistic goals: You don’t have to get rid of all your junk in one go. Set yourself simple goals. Take it one room at a time. Preferably, collect the junk in one place – perhaps a garage.
  • Size matters: Clear away the largest items of junk first – especially items of furniture or anything that’s cumbersome and/or heavy. Not only does that make it easier for you to spot the smaller items of junk if you’ve cleared away the larger items first but you also get to move these large, bulky, more challenging items while you’re still relatively ‘fresh’.
  • Stick to a plan: Minimise the risk of throwing away something that’s still of value to you by allocating some floor space where you’re working as being ‘for junk only’. Within that space, try to gather together similar junk items – such as clothes or toys or magazines. That should make it easier to, maybe, box them up for ultimate disposal.
  • Set criteria: If you find something that you haven’t thought about, needed or missed for more than 12 months, then it’s almost certainly junk.
  • Celebrate the junk-gathering experience: Listen to your favourite music while you collect the junk. Stop regularly for snacks and drinks. Look around, periodically, and remind yourself how much better the place is looking now that the clutter is being cleared away. And reserve a special reward for yourself when the job’s finished.

Then, you should contact Waste King. Our fully trained and insured two-man teams will:

  • Arrive at your property, by prior arrangement, within a two hour period agreed with you
  • Collect the junk – from anywhere on your property – and load it onto their truck
  • Clean up after the job is done, leaving your property clear and clutter-free
  • Provide appropriate paperwork for you - to prove, among other things, that you’ve complied with all the relevant regulations about waste disposal
  • Guarantee to recycle as much of this waste as possible – typically over 95% of every load we collect is recycled – thus minimising your carbon footprint and producing the minimum adverse effect on the environment.
  • Do all this with the minimum of fuss and bother

To find out more about how we can help you dispose of your junk in Enfield efficiently, cost-effectively and in an environmentally friendly way, contact us on:

Freephone: 0800 141 2778 or, from a mobile, call 01442 210034.

You can also email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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skip hire nation wide grab hire man van rubbish clearance sweeper hire portable toilet welfare units aggregates hazardous waste