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Garden Care

One of the most marvelous things about living in the UK is experiencing the different seasons. We may well complain constantly about the weather – being British, that’s our right and privilege – but our changing seasonal climate gives us the delight of spring flowers; the warmth and comfort of a still, sunny summer’s day; the cool crispness and mellow mistiness of a fruitful autumn; the magical darkness of a frosty winter’s night, and the thrill of snow and ice (which, of course, many of us enjoy viewing most from the comfort of a warm fireside).

Anyone who has a garden knows that there are jobs to be done in it all through the year. Even in the depths of winter, there are soft fruit bushes to be pruned in readiness for the spring and garden infrastructure, such as fences, to be maintained and kept in good order. Spring and summer generate a great deal of ‘green’ garden waste from all the clippings and cuttings, among other things. But the onset of autumn means that gardeners need to prepare their gardens for winter and also do any bits of re-structuring, such as laying new paths, that they want to do.

As autumn deepens, you’re likely to spend some time clearing up fallen leaves in your garden, along with dead bits of plants. And, if you have a pond, you may want to put a net over it in order to catch the falling leaves. Of course, any old netting that isn’t up to the task should be removed and disposed.
If you keep vegetables and plants over the winter, you’ll need to prepare your greenhouse in the autumn. This can mean clearing out old stock – old shelving, plants, pots, watering cans and, maybe, an old greenhouse heater. Incidentally, if you use a greenhouse heater, you should also consider putting up some temporary insulation (you can buy this from a DIY store or nursery) that lets in the light but keeps out the cold.

Garden equipment such as lawnmowers, spades, forks and other tools, along with furniture including tables, chairs and parasols, needs to be safely stowed in a garage, a shed or under a tarpaulin. Of course, if your garage, shed or tarpaulin leaks, all your things will fare badly. Keeping such an inefficient storage/ sheltering arrangement is counter-productive because it will damage what you hope it will protect.

So, if you decide to replace the garage, shed, greenhouse – or even the tarpaulin – you’ll need someone to get rid of the old one for you.
Waste King’s specialist waste collection service can take away all this waste. Our trained operatives can even dismantle your old greenhouse for you and load it onto one of our vehicles. We can also remove any – or all - of the contents of these buildings

We can also help to remove ‘green’ rubbish – such as fallen leaves (if you don’t want to keep them to make into leaf mold and to provide winter hiding places for creatures including slugs, snails, woodlice and even rats, mice and snakes).What’s more, we recycle over 90 per cent of all the garden rubbish we remove – including the less wholesome contents of old sheds and garages. So, by using Waste King to dispose of your rubbish, you can do your bit to continue to keep this country a ‘green and pleasant land’.

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skip hire nation wide grab hire man van rubbish clearance sweeper hire portable toilet welfare units aggregates hazardous waste