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Case Studies

David Lloyd Leisure Club (Sudbury Hill)

One supplier, many solutions

Before the David Lloyd Leisure Club in Sudbury Hill, North West London, discovered Waste King, it used a number of waste collection companies to collect and dispose of the wide range of waste materials. Now it uses Waste King, the specialist collections, clearance and recycling company, for all its specialist waste removal.

David Tate, the operations manager at David Lloyd Sudbury Hill, explained: “The Club and its surrounding sports fields cover 16 acres and attract a large number of users on a daily basis - so it’s inevitable that it will generate waste, from litter to hazardous waste in the form of spent light bulbs. In addition, occupying such a large site, we tend to be the victims of fly tipping.

“Not only does Waste King send along a two man team whenever we ask but they deal with all of the various forms of waste,” he added. “This means we only need to deal with one company for all our waste needs – and, compared with the previous situation, that saves a great deal of hassle.

“Moreover, Waste King ensures that we meet all our obligations as far as the safe disposal of the waste is concerned – for example, in the proper disposal and recycling of fluorescent light bulbs, since these contain mercury and, so, are hazardous.”

Glenn Currie, the managing director of Waste King, which provides a Mercury Recycling Service, commented: “The mercury from just one fluorescent tube is enough to pollute 30,000 litres of water beyond the UK’s safe drinking level so, ideally, fluorescent tubes should be recycled or, if this isn’t possible, taken to specific landfill sites which can cater for mercury bearing wastes. Apart from the environmentally-friendly aspect to recycling fluorescent tubes and lamps, it’s also vital to do so for the health and safety of all those who’re involved in disposing of spent bulbs. For example, someone who attempts to dispose of a fluorescent tube in a skip not only is condemning the whole skip’s contents to be hazardous waste – which has costly consequences for its safe disposal - but is also exposed to the potential dangers of broken glass and the inhalation of small amounts of the toxic materials that are released as dust and vapour.”

According to Currie’s fellow director, Andy Cattigan, Waste King not only provides a safe, convenient and efficient method of disposal but, importantly, ensures customers comply with the current Landfill and WEEE Directives, as well as existing Duty of Care legislation.

“Waste King doesn’t just ensure that we, at Sudbury Hill, comply with ‘national’ waste regulations. It also ensures that the Club complies with local Council regulations,” added David Tate. “The Club shares an access area – and that has to be kept not only clear but also clean. So Waste King carries out a weekly litter-pick in that area to ensure that we don’t, inadvertently, transgress any Council regulations.

“I suppose that, each month, you could fill the largest available skip with the waste that comes from the Club,” estimated David, “but skips look unsightly – which is another reason why we use Waste King. They don’t supply a skip. Rather, they supply a waste pod. This keeps the waste out of sight – and allows it to be segregated, enabling more of it to be recycled and, thus, greatly reducing the environmental impact of that waste.”

Waste King, which guarantees to recycle at least 90 per cent of every load of waste it collects, currently supplies these waste pods to some 50 of its commercial customers.

Glenn Currie, explained: “When it comes to waste storage and then recycling as much of that waste as possible, the waste pod is highly efficient and effective – and it’s installed for free. In addition, each pod provides privacy and excellent security - since it consists of one solid sheet of metal that’s difficult to break or climb.

“A waste pod acts as a solid barrier separating your waste from the outside world – and it can be customised in shape and size to each customer’s particular needs. Moreover, waste pods can be used for almost all types of waste including electrical waste, TVs and fridges, plasterboard, batteries, light bulbs and fluorescent tubes,” he continued.

“In addition to being the same size but appreciably cheaper than a skip, waste pods take up no more space than a car and fit more or less anywhere,” said Andy Cattigan, Waste King’s operations director. “Importantly, these containers are particularly helpful for customers wanting to get rid of such things as waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), plasterboard and hazardous waste – which can be difficult to dispose of safely and legally via other means.”

“Using Waste King takes the organisation of waste collection away from us, giving us peace of mind and the ability to concentrate on running the Club,” said David Tate. “It simplifies the whole waste disposal process – and ensures that this process keeps within the law.

“Waste King is particularly easy to deal with – and helps us a great deal, especially when it comes to disposing of hazardous waste,” he added.

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skip hire nation wide grab hire man van rubbish clearance sweeper hire portable toilet welfare units aggregates hazardous waste