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Skip Bags

Skip Bag Service in London and throughout the UK


If you want to get rid of relatively small amounts of heavy, loose waste – perhaps rubble and soil – you could consider using a skip bag.

Skip bags are canvas bags. There are two popular sizes of skip bag – to take 1.0 or 1.5 cubic yards waste – but there is also a 4.5 cubic yard bag. This 4.5 cubic yard bag is from the Hippo Bag brand (a brand name of Hippowaste). Hippowaste offers the other sizes of bags too, along with brands such as Bag-it, Rhino bag and Skip Bag.

You can buy these skip bags online, from DIY stores and from builders’ merchants.

When you’ve filled the bag, you need to contact a waste disposal company (which could be the bag’s supplier) and arrange its collection. This usually happens about a week after you contact the waste disposal company. Often, a lorry using a crane attachment collects the skip bag.

You need to put the bag close to a road (to allow the lorry access to it) and make sure that it’s not near any obstructions, such as trees or overhead wires – which could affect the operation of the crane. Any skip bag that’s on a pavement or public highway must be covered by a skip permit – which you buy from your local council.

You also need to know that skip bags aren’t allowed to contain electrical appliances, batteries, mattresses or gas bottles.

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