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Waste Pod

Waste Pods in London and the UK


When it comes to Waste Storage, the Waste Pod is one of the best types. It provides excellent security as it is difficult to break or climb. It provides excellent privacy as it consists of one solid sheet of metal. It provides excellent safety as it acts as a solid barrier separating your waste to the outside world. Finally it provides great flexibility as you can customise the look and get a whole host of different accessories to ensure your Waste Storage suits your needs. It is also tested and proven to withstand wind speeds of up to 50mph

waste pod All types of waste allowed including:

• Fridges
• TV
• Electrical waste
• Plasterboard
• Bulb box and florescent tubes coffins
• Battery box

More cost effective compared to skips
1. We do all the loading.
2. Greener solutions
3. All teams are insured and licensed
4. Installation is free and easy


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