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Waste Cage System

Waste Cages in London and the UK

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If you’re finding that not only is the price of skips rising but your organisation is amassing waste products - such as fridges, bulbs, plasterboard and electrical products - that can’t be put into a skip, you should investigate Waste King’s special ‘waste cage’ service.

Waste King provides the cage and you can put into it any waste products – from plasterboard and electrical goods to ‘mixed waste’. Once in the cage, these waste products can be easily segregated so that they can be more easily recycled – leaving only a small percentage of the waste to go to landfill.

Then, when the cage is full, Waste King’s operatives remove the waste which, since it’s segregated, is easily and speedily removed.

Waste King expects to recycle well over 90 per cent of the waste it collects from these cages. This not only helps boost your ‘green’ credentials but also helps to prevent unnecessary damage to the environment.

Moreover, as the price of skips rises – especially if the skip company finds ‘prohibited’ things such as plasterboard in the skip - and, with the recent increases in landfill taxes, the ‘cage’ approach to removing waste is a highly cost-effective option.

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