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Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP)

Site Waste Management Plans in the UK

What are SWMPs?

skip-officeSimply put, Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs) are a legal requirement in England for all construction projects begun after 6 April 2008, which is worth over £300,000.Even if your project is not large enough to require an SWMP, you could benefit by having one.

A SWMP sets out how resources will be managed and waste controlled at all stages of a construction project.

A SWMP covers:

  • Who will be responsible for resource management.What types of waste will be generated.
  • How the waste will be managed, will it be reduced, re-used or recycled?
  • Which contractors will be used to ensure the waste is correctly recycled or disposed of responsibly and legally.
  • How the quantity of waste generated by the project will be measured.
  • Saves time; you can answer queries about your waste from your environmental regulator or local council quickly and easily.
  • It could help you avoid prosecution by ensuring your waste is disposed of legally.
  • It could help you win new business by proving your environmental performance; an advantage in the tendering process.
  • Helps you understand and reduce waste disposal costs; you understand how your waste is managed so you can identify where to save money and reduce costs.
  • Enhances your reputation; your customers can see where you are helping the environment and making cost savings.
  • Helps the environment; you will manage materials and waste on-sitemore responsibly so they are less of a risk to the local environment.
  • Improves future projects; when your SWMP is complete you will have useful information for future projects about how you used resources and managed your waste.

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