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Commercial & Office Waste Bins

Office Waste Bins in London and the UK

batterysafe-waste-binsThese containers are great for hazardous waste generated in the workplace, office and shops.
These materials include
• Batteries
• WEEE Electrical
• Fluorescent tubes /Bulbs

These containers are easy to use and store. All the correct paperwork for the environment agency is completed for you and the safe storage and collection is up to 30kg for mixed hazardous waste.

Suitable: Bulbs and lamps, batteries, aerosols, Adhesives, Waste electrical including, printers, circuit boards, kettle, toasters, phones, keyboards, oils and paints.

Dimensions: Height 0.37 metres, Width 0.60 metres, Depth 0.40 metres.

Office BinsWE offer a complete range of high quality office recycling bins, waste bins and wheelie bins for all your recycling and general waste needs.

If you need advice on which bin would suit you or have any questions in regards to any of the products speak to our customer service and we will be happy to help.

We guarantee a fast delivery throughout the UK and quantity discounts available these products will allow you to deal with your recycling and waste efficiently and in style.

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