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Our Rubbish Removal Services

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Green Credentials

We aim to constantly broaden the use of our services to increase value for our customers and, in turn, minimise the environmental impact of our activities and reduce waste to landfill.

Material Separation

We aim to separate 100% of the materials we collect so that we can transfer them to dedicated recycling facilities for maximum landfill diversion.

de clut 250Our Reuse NetworkGreen Apple Award

We donate to charity organisations such as the British Heart Foundation and Salvation Army. We donate all types of good quality furniture and electrical items and have book and clothes recycling banks at our office and warehouse in Hemel Hempstead to maximise the re-use of items we collect. Visit our Charitable Donation page for more information.

Recognition for Recycling

We have won various awards in recognition of our high standards of landfill diversion, click here to see these awards

Landfill DiversionHow do we achieve this?

  • Efficient material separation process; we separate all types off recyclable materials like wood, metal and WEEE.
  • We have an excellent network of re-use and recycling organisations working with us.
  • By using industry leading commercial recycling facilities and transfer stations to recycle the waste we collect wherever possible.
  • By encouraging and training all staff to recycle and re-use.
  • Over 90% of our office furniture and equipment is re-used materials like furniture and paper.



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Our Rubbish Removal Services